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How often do you plan to update?

So my plan is to finish three volumes, each composed of 4 chapters, each chapter 100 pages long. At my current pace, it takes me 1 week to finish 2 pages. When the comic is running, I update every Sunday with two pages.

Between chapters, I take a break from pages and work on supplementary material that I post every few days. We are currently between chapters.

Right now, that means the QnA, which I answer every three days. On this site, it’s under the Known World Tab, labeled Questions from the Public. You can find all the QnAs from 2019 and this year. I apologize for the confusion–I’m still working on how best to organize and run this site. It may be more convenient at the moment to visit my Tapas page, which just has a free flowing feed of my content:

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