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Prologue published on 1 Comment on Prologue

“For many years, even before his consecration, Good King Edgardo pondered how best to serve his beloved subjects. On a cool autumn morning, he awoke, inspired by dreams of his honorable ancestors. ‘My father calls for Concord!’, he proclaimed proudly and confidently from the palace…”
–The Chronicle of Alancria, Volume I

First of Many

First of Many published on 1 Comment on First of Many

I solemnly swear to start using this thing.

Some general notes:

Each Chapter is 100 pages long. Exactly. When the Concord Initiative is active, I update 2 pages every Sunday. That means every Chapter should take about a year from start to finish–at my current pace, given my normal 9-5.

I finished Chapter 2 about a week ago. I do not expect to begin positng pages for Chapter 3 until the beginning of the May at the earliest–primarily because I HAVE to draft out the next two chapters before I start working on them. I thought I could get away with the outline I have, but I have gotten caught up in the 2 by 2, and that has affected pacing (among other things) too much. So I am going to suck it up and spend March and April being far more conscientious.

February is for QnA. I have 8 good questions to answer, now, which hopefully I’ll be able to pump out every other day or so. From there, I’ll have plenty of supplementary material to post every other day–even in March and April.

I appreciate your patience. I know it will be well rewarded.

God bless.