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Chapter 3 – Part 1: The Design

Chapter 3 – Part 1: The Design published on 1 Comment on Chapter 3 – Part 1: The Design

“There are larger armies; stronger soldiers; greater casters; but this Empire’s legions dominate the world through peerless innovation and technological supremacy. And insofar as you deny the needs and demands of this institution, you are enemies of the State you purport to represent. I expect a 10% increase to the IITS budget in the coming quarter.”
–Letter, from Pyotr Kalash’Nik to Lord Admonisher Ulric Van Mahn

QnA Answer Schedule

QnA Answer Schedule published on No Comments on QnA Answer Schedule

There are 9 Questions to be answered so far:

Q: Did Sormon kill Private Whiskers?
Q: Did Sormon ever pull off something big in particular that got him on the Imperial Most Wanted list?
Q: How does one acquire magic powers?
Q: What are the Empire’s major exports and imports?
Q: What’s good to eat around these parts?
Q: How have you two been doing lately?

Q: Who is best dancer in Concord Team?
Q: What are the “Main Four’s” type? (Cavallo, Sormon, Astreides, Dazirak)

Q: Who designed and created Path masks?
Q: Who/What is Estella?

QnA Answers will posted starting this Sunday, and then every third day after that. So:

Sunday QnA 2.1, Wednesday QnA 2.2, Saturday QnA 2.3

And so on.