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QnA Answer Schedule

QnA Answer Schedule published on No Comments on QnA Answer Schedule

There are 9 Questions to be answered so far:

Q: Did Sormon kill Private Whiskers?
Q: Did Sormon ever pull off something big in particular that got him on the Imperial Most Wanted list?
Q: How does one acquire magic powers?
Q: What are the Empire’s major exports and imports?
Q: What’s good to eat around these parts?
Q: How have you two been doing lately?

Q: Who is best dancer in Concord Team?
Q: What are the “Main Four’s” type? (Cavallo, Sormon, Astreides, Dazirak)

Q: Who designed and created Path masks?
Q: Who/What is Estella?

QnA Answers will posted starting this Sunday, and then every third day after that. So:

Sunday QnA 2.1, Wednesday QnA 2.2, Saturday QnA 2.3

And so on.

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